Modula HC


The automatic horizontal storage system for efficient picking

The Sintes1 automated vertical lift module optimises the use of available space, even when this is limited. It is characterised by a modern, elegant design, with external panels in plastic-coated steel, all created on
a technologically advanced production line.

Modula offers 4 different bay configurations. Internal bays are the ideal solution when space is at a premium. The external bay makes the operator’s work easier, even when using mechanical aids such as hoists and manipulators, improving the ergonomics of the work station. A single delivery level is the best solution when the machine will only be accessed sporadically, or when the operator picking time is very short. Dual delivery is the ideal configuration for a fast-paced picking operation, as it increases productivity.

Each configuration is supplied with:

• automatic door
• perimeter fence 2.4 m high with safety door and locking system.

How can productivity be increased with the Modula HC horizontal storage system?

In order to increase productivity, horizontal carousels can be used in groups, usually called “pods”. Different configurations are available, consisting of 2, 3 or 4 carousels.

While an operator picks from one carousel inside the pod, the other carousels rotate and prepare the goods for subsequent picks. This minimizes operator downtime, exponentially increasing performance. Each picking station can allow up to 550 withdrawals / hour.

Everything under control with a simple graphic interface

The horizontal carousel uses the control systems and graphic interfaces of all other Modula products. This makes its operation extremely familiar and intuitive, both for those who already use Modula vertical storage systems and for new users.

Model Bin width, mm Bin height, mm Bin depth, mm Carousel height, mm Inverted motor carousel height, mm Bin capacity, kg Shelf load capacity, kg
MD84 610 2.134 457 3.023 2.743 550 110
MD84D 610 2.134 610 3.023 2.743 550 110
MD96 610 2.438 457 3.327 3.048 550 110
MD96D 610 2.438 610 3.327 3.048 550 110
MG84 914 2.134 457 3.023 2.743 550 110
MG84D 914 2.134 610 3.023 2.743 550 110
MG96 914 2.438 457 3.327 3.048 550 110
MG96D 914 2.438 610 3.327 3.048 550 110
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